Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Oh, so YOU'RE not irritated by the haze?

I think I've been living in Kl a little too long.

I went up to Genting, you know, mountains, clean air, trees? Yeah, so, while I was on the way there, I encountered mist. And I know I've been living in KL too long when I said:

'Whoa. Haze."

It took me a 5 second rethink before I realised it should be, "Whoa. Mist."

Hm. And since we're on haze, let me talk about it some more.

So I was reading The Star that day (support Eyeris, y'all), and there was this short news on the Reader's Digest survey on things that irritates Malaysians most. So I scrolled down the top 20, and I was surprised. Why? Because the haze isn't even in the top 20!!!

What the fuck is that? Hard to open plastic wrappers irritate us more than the haze! In fact, let me quote it, "the survey found that hard to open plastic wrapping on an item annoyed people tremendously, with 40% of respondents labelling it as either extremely irritating or irritating."

Are we stupid? Are we brainless? Now that irritates us more than smoke all around? And they complain that people smoking in public irritates them? They think I'M irritating? Smoking in public places is higher than the haze! That's stupid. So, it'll be like, it's okay to make smoke permeate your body via all available orifices, reduced visibility on the road, cause lung, throat and nose problems, watery eyes, hardness of breathe, disrupted work days, but it's NOT COOL to smoke in public, AND when the smoke is blown away from you like all respectful smokers in my class and calibre do?

What more, bad dvers irritate us more than haze? I was going, what? Even cussing is higher than haze! Motherfucker. What the hell is wrong with us Malaysians?!

Don't you know what kind of message that sends to those Indonesians who caused the haze?

Malaysian: Yeah, I know you caused the haze, but that's alright man. Just make sure you keep to the speed limit, keep a respectful distance from my car and always, always keep to the left lane when you're going slow. Ooh, and don't swear. Because, whoa, if you do any of this, I'm gonna kick your ass."

Get your priority straight, bitches.


Blogger Jackie said...


Maybe top on your list of irritating things(after 'The Haze' of course) should be stupid, inane surveys conducted by a magazine that's way past it's prime and published by a newspaper that should know better than to inflict such crap on us. Methinks that packs a better punch ;)

10:10 AM  
Blogger Leez said...

you funny.

will hang out here more ;)

10:30 AM  

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