Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Don't wanna get embarrassed? Make sure you have friends from other races

Ok, my housemate, J, bless his soul, is a nice guy. He's a Chinese guy, who went to sekolah rendah Cina, sekolah menengah Cina, kolej Cina...I mean, The Premier Affordable Private College AKA TARC, and so he doesn't hang out that much with Malays, which he told me, so he told me he's not really sure what we Malays do/know/read/watch, and that is relevant to this story.

Well, last Monday night, I was watching Project A on tv, you know, that Jackie Chan movie where there was this classic scene (to me, at least) where there were these gangsters chasing Jackie, and they were all going around in bicycles through back alleys and Jackie pwned them all while keeping his ass on the seat 90% of the time.

So there I was, laughing at this movie eventhough I've watched it nearly 7 million times, which always makes it seem as if I've never watched it before. And that was probably what went through my housemate's mind, because he then came and sat on the couch on my right and asked me, "You know that guy ah? quite famous one."

Now on the tv there was Yuen Bao and Sammo Hung in the same scene as Jackie, and I thought, "(read this with a reverbing voice, by the way) Well, maybe he's asking me about Yuen Bao or Sammo, they're not that famous here, he can't possibly be talking about..."

"JACKIE CHAN! Very famous actor!"

And when I heard me tell me that, I just laughed and laughed...because god! How could he think I don't know Jackie Chan! Everybody in Asia knows Jackie! I practically grew up imitating his moves! I jumped off my cupboard and tore the sole of my feet off because I wanted to be him!

Laughing at him, or rather, his comment probably was too much, because he seemed pretty embarrassed after that, which made me laugh even more. He probably thought that he offended me, which isn't true, because he just seemed like those innocent guys who rarely mix with other races, and thus don't know what I know.

I bet he doesn't know that growing up, 3/4 of my friends are Chinese, because I happen to do things which always makes me bump in with them. Like playing basketball, passing my tests so I always get into the top science know, the usual Chinese jig. I don't have that many Indian friends, because, according to my Indian friend Pre...I mean, Master P, the government don't care about Indians and so they keep them in the "ghetto's". By the way, Master P always does the Westside sign to me, and I always wonder what does he mean by Westside. Klang?

Egads. But I digress. I wanted to say to J, "You bet I only listen to XPDC and Kromok right? Eh, and tomorrow how about we indulge in some Chinese delicacies like mooncake. Then later you can talk about the hot Malay bitches that you saw today because frankly you think we're aight rite?" but that guy got enough for one day. I'll let him go this time.

Aw, cmon J! It was funny! Funny! Don't run to your room. Cmon man! We'll mumble some Jay Chou lyrics today! Bonding! Bonding!

Ah, god, I love that guy.


Blogger minishorts said...

you can't exactly blame the chap. really, some malays, and some indians, are pretty much ignorant of many things. i had a malay friend asking me a question like this, 'how can you use two sticks to eat your noodles, wouldn't that make things really messy.'

was THISCLOSE to saying, 'not as messy as using your hand,' but i held back.

it's pretty much a sign of what happens when people don't choose to read or try to mix with other people more. like how a very famous singaporean asked me, 'how come you can write malay? Are you malay or something?'

its questions like these that make you go 'WTF BWAHAHAHAHHAHA.' these are accidental comic heroes I say.

9:33 AM  
Blogger Captain Carcinogen said...

minishorts: yep, these ignorant ppl are hilarious goddamnit

4:16 PM  

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