Thursday, September 08, 2005

Why mixed marriages don't really work here

So I was out eating at this restaurant near my place, and there was this couple chatting at the table next to me. Since I was eating alone and I'm a Malaysian, I couldn't help but eavesdrop on whatever the hell this couple was talking about.

Turns out they were talking about mixed marriages, and they were using this slang word I've heard a few times since I've been in KL: Chindian.

Chindian. Chiiiiiiindian. Like it's some kinda "new" phenomenon. "Oooh, Chindian. That's funky. Never knew that could happen. What do we call them? Where do they belong to?"

How come other people don't do that? You hear about white people marrying black people, you don't hear them calling their children Whacks. Well, some actually call them Oreo's, but what the hell.

I'm starting to think this could be the reason why people here don't seem to be open to mixed marriages. Can you imagine the names?

Say...Indian guy marries a Malay girl...they get little Inlays. Well, I guess it's wonderful if you want your kid to be a dentist.

Malay guy marries Chinese girl? Little Machi's. It's like a green light to do dorky hand signs all your life.

But do you know what must be the saddest? When the Machi kid marries that nice Indian guy AKA bai who goes around on a motorcycle selling roti: little Machibai's.

I mean that kid ain't gonna get no playmates. He'll meet some other kids at the playground, and they'll probably start talking about what race they are, with their mummies nearby...

Inbreedered kid 1: I'm Malay.

Inbreedered kid 2: I'm Indian.

Mixed kid: I'm a Machibai.

Inbreeder mum 1&2: You foul-mouthed kid!

Yeah, I see it now.