Tuesday, August 16, 2005

For my Nokia 3310

My Nokia 3310 is broken. Yes, I'm using a model that is THAT old, yes, I found it at an archeological dig, and yes, I can SMS in Sanskrit.

I know I should be getting a new phone sooner or later, cos I've dropped this thing about as many times as Rafidah gave away AP's to her buddies, and I'm living in the year 2005. But I just have so much memories with this phone.

The endless times I've pretended to have a loud conversation on it when I'm in the train just to see the faces on the other passengers ("yeah, it was a little chunky today"); the hours I've played Snake on it when I'm bored out of my mind; the stupid useless messages I've sent to my buddies ("dude. i need ur help" "wut?" "my sinks full. can u do my dishes?" "SCREW YOU").

Yes, you will be missed, homie.

Pour a little liquor for my Nokia. May you be in the phone ghetto in the sky, in the bosom of Alexander Graham Bell.