Friday, July 01, 2005

pure pwnage

so liek this guy liek he totally pwnz right so he made liek a show about pwning n00bz? n u really gota check dis 1 out cos in dis 1, dis guy they liek made a parody of kill bill, n it was so cool how teh master when he said, "if u eat like a n00b, youll be pwned liek a n00b." lololol.

but uh u gona need liek a program to liek dl teh bittorrent, and teh new divx which liek totally pwnz. teh movies theyre liek 100mb+ rite so u gonna liek need a broadband conection 2 dl it n if u dont haev a broadband conection then u must be a n00b lolol.


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