Friday, June 24, 2005

Q & A on the most important man in my life

I was too lazy to write a proper post about the most important man in my life who's been with me through thick and thin, through the ups and downs of life, and who thought me by example. So I'll just make this Q and A session then.

Q: So who is this guy you're talking about?
A: Thierry Henry

Q: Really?
A: Well, before that it was Tony Adams

Q: So the important man in your life is an Arsenal player, huh?
A: No, just kidding. It's my dad, you twit.

Q: So what kind of a guy is he?
A: Well, he's one stubborn prick.

Q: How stubborn?
A: While we were out for a drive once, he took a wrong turn and ended at a cliff. He drove of it. Broke my collarbone and three ribs, but all that is water under the bridge now.

Q: So you mean he would rather live with his mistake than change his mind and admit he was wrong?
A: Yes, which would explain why he stayed married with my mum.

Q: That's mean.
A: Hey, you're the one asking.

Q: Any other qualities?
A: Yea, he's damn tough.

Q: Just how tough is tough?
A: He didn't even shed a tear when MU lost to Arsenal in the FA Cup

Q: Whoa. No shit.
A: Yes. What's more, he once had a high fever, and was in bed under 2 blankets and 2 layers of clothes. But then he just swallowed his medicine, acted like all humans have a core body temperature of 39.6 degrees, then did his work.

Q: Say, if I chopped his leg off....
A: He'll just say it was a minor abrasion, then staple his leg back on. After that, he'll sign up for a 40K marathon.

Q: Can he really run?
A: Well, he once won eight place in a veterans marathon, so I guess yeah, that dude can run.

Q: Eight? Just eight?
A: Well, the competition was in Ranau, Sabah. And if you've travelled a lot or know people who do, you'll know that it's not uncommon to see wiry grannies climbing up Mt. Kinabalu with a full tong gas on their back, telling other pussy mountain climbers who are huffing and puffing, carrying only a 10kg backpack to move away because they're blocking her way.

Q: Who told you that?
A: My friend. Apparently, after seeing the granny run by him, his ball shrunk like hell and now it couldn't be detected with the naked eye.

Q: How small?
A: Physicists have brought him to science conventions to help demonstrate the size of string particles.

Q: So your dad can really run.
A: Nah, I think he walked.

Q: Walk?
A: Yes.

Q: Wait, I don't get it.
A: You see, my dad walks really fast.

Q: He can't walk that fast.
A: Yes, he can. Now ask me how fast.

Q: Fine, I'll humour you. How fast?
A: Yesterday, while walking to the car, he converted into energy.

Q: Why do you keep on making physics jokes?
A: Because that's the only class I ever go in besides English. Next.

Q: So do you talk with your dad?
A: Well, we have certain unspoken rules when we talk.

Q: Like?
A: When we're talking, the ratio of letters to period you can use per turn should be less than 10 to 1. The optimum words to use are the ones that have a ratio that is less than 5 to 1, like uh-huh, and mmm.

Q: So he doesn't talk a lot?
A: Well, if you didn't happen to be his offspring or is married to him, he's known to be very charming, generous, witty and humorous.. No matter who you are, he somehow makes it seem as if you've known him for a lifetime.

Q: You've seen it yourself?
A: Yes. Mothers talk to him like he's saved their kids from a burning building. Villagers crowd and talk to him as if he's help reroute the river to their drying up rice fields. Doctors act as if he found the cure for cancer. Villagers...

Q: I get the idea. So it sucks to be his kid?
A: What three letter word starts with the letter "d" and ends with an "uh"?

Q: ...

Ok, that's it for today. I need to sleep. Love ya dad. Happy Belated Father's Day.


Blogger cheeky said...

u sure are witty and funny. Haha, a unique way to profess your love for your dad.

6:50 PM  
Blogger Captain Carcinogen said...

cheeky: haha, thx. well, i actually just wanted to buy him a card, but i was broke. hahahaha

11:29 PM  
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