Saturday, June 04, 2005

5 cool things to do at the PPS 2nd anniversary birthday bash

Can't think of 10. Currently preoccupied with Winning Eleven. Enough lah this.

5. Sneak a decaf into Eyeris' cup
4. Go jogging with Minishorts to pump more blood into your, erm, legs.
3. Massage Jeff Ooi's little bird. (Hah? He's not coming ah?)
2. Steal Cowboy Caleb's monogrammed gifts. You know, C.C., C.C.(You mean he's oso not coming? Aw...)
1. Play 'pocket billiards' with Kenny Sia, if you know what I mean. Well, if that doesn't work, we can have hairy leg showdown.

You blog ah? Hah? You oso ping at Petaling Street one ah? Then come here lah! Wah? You read oni ah? What lah ego meh? Hai, just come lah. Very empty one that place. Hahaha. Can get free food. Bring beer ah.

Shit. I hope a lot of people come...I don't want to be recognized. Not that I can help being noticed though, what with me being so good looking and all.


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