Tuesday, May 24, 2005

3:34 seconds

Ring ring


A: Hello?

CC: Hey

A: It's early

CC: You're up

A: ... So what's up.

CC: I'm out for world domination today. Thought you should know.

A: Really?

CC: No.

A: Aw...

CC: ...

A: ...

CC: Got veggies?

A: Sure.

CC: Taiwan?

A: Here you go.

CC: Hey, I gave a five. Where's my change?

A: Sheesh...

CC: ...

A: ...

CC: Oi, apa diam ni?

A: Kau yang diam dulu.

CC: Anyway, gotta go.

A: Umpfh...go go go.

CC: Ok, I'll call you later.

A: No, I'll call.

CC: No, I'll call.

A: No, I will.

CC: No, I'm cheaper.

A: No, I'm cheaper.

CC: No, I'm the slut, ok? I'll call.

A: No, I'm the desperate housewife. I'll call.

CC: No, I'm...FINE. I'm out of money this month anyway. You know what stress does to you.

A: Smoking? Again? I thought you quit.

CC: Er...

A: Bad boy. Kids shouldn't smoke.

CC: Like you're old.

A: Mentally, I'm your grandma.

CC: So you'll still love me for my adolescent innocence, right?

A: Maaaaybeee...

CC: Bitch. See ya.

A: Bye.

Some phone calls should last forever.


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