Friday, March 04, 2005

I think I'm just paranoid

I just quit smoking, and I feel fine. I think. Great. Sure, I feel a little paranoid, and everybody seems a little hostile, but still... Let me go online, talk to some people, maybe I'll forget about lighting one up.

Ok. Let's turn MSN on...


ribroast79: hi. what's up

Hi? What do you mean hi, what's up? There's nothing up there but my ceiling...damnit, did you install a camera there???? You're watching me now, aren't you?

Hei, mister, what are you doing online at this time??? How did you know I'm online??? I know it's just 9! Don't you try to change the topic! You're saying hi to me? Don't tell ME you're saying hi to me! Oh, I know all of the little tricks you have up your sleeve.You're just trying to drive me crazy!

The newspapers??? There's nothing in the newspapers! They're all fake news written by the shadow government to keep us happy and pleased. Did you seriously believe all the news in a day can fit into a paper? BAAAH!!

There's nothing! Nothing people! Nothing! The spaceship isn't going to come and save us! We're all lost and alone in this world!

What is that you say? Nicotine patches can help me from ranting like a mad idiot? Well, guess what, smarty pants, I tried it, and it did nothing! It's not the same. I tried lighting it up but it burnt my lips. Oh, I see it know, so that's what you were trying to do. You're trying to kill me!

Leave me alone! Go! Leave me alone!



I want my mummy...

p/s: the moral of this story is, when your dad offers you a cigarrete when you're 9, winks and then he tells you not to tell your mum, don't smoke it.


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