Friday, March 04, 2005

He loves you and he wants your money

I followed my friend to church a couple of weeks back. It's my second time following him there out of boredom, and I like to find out just how other religions are first hand (haven't went to temples before though, maybe next time) and from what I can see, I believe the church is just one big money grubbing institution.

One of the speakers sent out this collecting pouch and asked us to donate generously.

"Don't just give your spare change! Give freely! Willingly! For it is to build the kingdom of god! Show your love!"

Of course, my friend didn't give any, since he doesn't agree with this aspect of the church. I'd like to tell him that the rest of the church isn't very agreeable too, but since I happen to be confined in it, I'll just keep my mouth shut.

Somehow, I have a feeling when the sermon ends, the pastor will go, "This sermon was brought to you by Coca-Cola, the refreshing drink, and Adidas, the brand with 3 stripes."


Anyway, I just found out why the Interfaith Commission was put on hold. Apparently all of the major religions can't agree on the correct shape of the spaceship that will come and save us. Some say it looks like the Starship Enterprise, other said it looks like a Millennium Falcon... But the good news is, they all agree it can go on hyperdrive. So, it should be ok...


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