Monday, January 24, 2005

Why am I not there?

I don't have a computer so right now I'm typing this from a CC with crappy computers. The computers are so slow you'd think it's running on a 386. To give you an idea of how slow the computers here are, I played solitaire on it,

I'm moving to Bukit Jalil soon, near a multimillion ringgit sports complex nobody can use because the sports administrators in Malaysia are dumbasses. Right now I'm living in an over-priced apartment. The price is jacked up simply because the place is about 10kms away from the KLCC twin towers. It's not like they're that great anyway; the carpark layout is crappy. But then, what can you expect from architects who are obsessed with everything vertical; thinking horizontally is too tough for them.

Someday I want to make a movie which has ninjas and Nigella Lawson in the same scene. Nigella Lawson will look good, as usual, and then cook something for the ninjas, like roast lamb. And then the ninjas will help her skewer the meat by sticking a ninja sword through it, then later chop it up using ninja skills and eat it using shurikens because they're too cool for forks. (She'll squeeze some drops of lemon on it, which was cut by chopping both ends of then cutting the skin off by cutting it in a square shape. I know this because I watched Forever Summer With Nigella: Yellow. Shh...nobody knows I watch it.)


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